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Today history was made in the tiny island of Sri Lanka.

The three-decade long civil-war between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan armed forces has taken a considerable toll on practically every aspect of life in the country. Today marked a historical change in the history books by the launching of a “humanitarian mission” to save the thousands of Tamil civilians trapped within the war-zone in the north-east of Sri Lanka. Most have lived in appalling conditions for a number of years and have finally realised that the LTTE no longer represents the true voice of the Tamil people.

The LTTE continues to argue its case. It continues to justify its existence. It continues to call for the international community to voice-out against the majority Sinhalese government. What is not well-known by the international community is that the LTTE does not represent the true plight of the Tamil population. It is a radical organisation which is based on fanatical ideologies of a few men who wish to control the country by using the “race card” as its ultimate and divine principle.

This post is not to inform you of the happenings in Sri Lanka. Rather, it is an intellectual call for all (especially the international community) to open their eyes to the true situation in Sri Lanka. The crossing of so many civilians into government held territory has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the people who have been at the centre of the civil war have finally spoken out, more in deed rather than in word. The oppression and suffering they have faced especially within the last few months has been ridiculous to say the least, for which I lay the blame on both the government and the LTTE. Today they push for change.

Whether this brings about a change in attitudes towards each other by the Tamil and Sinhalese populations remains to be the most pressing issue at hand. The LTTE may be a dwindling entity in the eyes of the Sri Lankan government and the world community but the truth of the matter remains. This is not about two competing parties fighting for their own interests. This is about Sri Lankans. It is about being able to accept one another for who they really are no matter what race, colour or religion you are from.

This may or may not be the beginning of a brighter future for Sri Lanka. How one handles the situation from now onwards is the most important issue. To be able to learn from history is another compelling issue. The power-driven ideologies of many leaders in the past were the main cause for the beginning of the war in the first place. What remains to be seen is whether history will repeat itself. If it doesn’t, then before long, Sri Lanka will prosper like it has never done before. That is something I will bet my life on. But there is always two sides to a coin. If the end of the LTTE is the beginning of more oppression against the Tamil population in the country, then there is no hope for Sri Lanka. Let us hope and pray that this phase in Sri Lanka will usher in a new era of prosperity into the country.

“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew”. – Abraham Lincoln


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As the rain continues to pour down in London, sitting down and studying is an effort in itself. There seems to be so many things happening around the world (be it in sport or back home), that it magically makes ur mind drift away from what you should be seriously focussing on – work! Oh well..lets just try and hope i can focus..starting this blog thing isn’t gonna help much either..

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